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Title Date published
$250,000 Transformation Challenge - Presented By Optimum Nutrition 2018-01-11
Episode 34: Hard-won Life and Lifting Lessons from KC Mitchell 2017-12-27
Episode 33: The Science of Physique Enhancement with Dr. Bill Campbell 2017-12-11
Episode 32: Cassandra Martin - Physique-building by Old-school Lifting and... Construction Work? 2017-11-27
Episode 31: Brandan Fokken's Wild Fitness Journey 2017-11-13
Episode 30: Bikini Redefined with Amy Updike 2017-10-30
Episode 29: Kris Gethin Crosses the Finish Line 2017-10-16
Episode 28: Old-School Training Wisdom From Julian "The Quad Guy" Smith 2017-10-02
Episode 27: 'Possible' Pat Takes the Stage 2017-09-18
Episode 26: Sadik Hadzovic on Training and Napping Like a Champ 2017-09-05
Episode 25: Dr. Jim Stoppani on Daily Full-Body Training, Fasting, And More 2017-08-21
Episode 24: The Art of the Everyday Workout with Kizzito Ejam 2017-08-04
Episode 23: Charles Staley - How to Lift to Stay Strong and Healthy at Any Age! 2017-07-24
Episode 22: Lee Constantinou, The Relentless Competitor 2017-07-10
Journey For The Goblet Of Gains: Theme Song 2017-07-07
Episode 21: From 600 Pounds to the Stage with "Possible" Pat Brocco 2017-06-26
Episode 20: The Weird, Gritty World of Contest Prep 2017-06-12
Episode 19: How to Earn Your Best-Ever Back Squat 2017-05-30
Episode 18: The Buff Dudes and the Eternal Journey for Gains 2017-05-15
Episode 17: Kris Gethin - Meet the Man of Iron 2017-05-02

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