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Title Date published
Episode 87 - Glenn Lovelace: How Being a Little Selfish Can Save Your Life 2020-03-30
Episode 86 - From the ER to PRs: How Aussie Powerlifting Sensation Paige Mills Found Her Calling 2020-03-16
Episode 85 - Robyn Koolen: How Simple Little Changes Led to a Major Transformation 2020-03-03
Episode 84 - Kristi Brewer: "No One Has It Easy." 2020-02-18
Episode 83 - David Morin: ''Every Day is an Opportunity to Take a Deep Breath. Go for it.'' 2020-02-04
Episode 82 - One Step at a Time: Possible Pat's 300-Pound Transformation 2020-01-22
Episode 81 - Ashley Horner: ''I Want to Help Every Female Find Beauty in Their Strength.'' 2020-01-06
Episode 80 - Spreading the Good Word of Fitness with Trainer Mike 2019-12-23
Episode 79 - From Broken to Ripped: How Bands Rebuilt This Former Bodybuilder into a Self-Made Icon 2019-12-09
Episode 78 - Mahmoud Sebie on Wrestling, Reading, and Ramadan 2019-11-26
Episode 77 - Born to Teach: Joelle Cavagnaro Uses Evidence-based Science to Make Fitness Easy 2019-11-15
Episode 76 - Saxon Panchik: ''Getting Pushed Past my Limits Set my Expectations Higher and Higher'' 2019-10-28
Episode 75 - Barbarically Beautiful: Miranda ''Danger'' Granger Talks MMA and Toddler Taekwondo 2019-10-14
Episode 74 - DocThor: ''I'm a Body Builder, not a Bodybuilder. I Want to Build my Body.'' 2019-09-30
Episode 73 - Matt Vincent & Bonnie Schroeder: Lifting, Injury Rehab, and Athletic Adventuring 2019-09-16
Episode 72 - Hannah Eden: ''Fitness is Not About Winning, It's About Moving'' 2019-09-03
Episode 71 - Quads Like Robb: The Ritual of Routine 2019-08-19
Episode 70 - Kelsey Kiel: ''Never in a Million Years Would I Have Thought I Could Do This'' 2019-08-06
Episode 69 - Logan Aldridge: The Fittest One-Armed Man on Earth 2019-07-22
Ep. 68 - Strength is Never a Weakness: Sean Brady on Training, Testing Yourself & Philadelphia Grit 2019-07-10

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