<p>New Yorker fiction writers read their stories.</p>


Title Date published
Jhumpa Lahiri Reads “Casting Shadows” 2021-02-09
Ben Okri Reads “A Wrinkle in the Realm” 2021-02-02
Lauren Groff Reads “The Wind” 2021-01-26
Allegra Goodman Reads “A Challenge You Have Overcome” 2021-01-19
Andrea Lee Reads “The Rivals” 2020-12-29
Rebecca Curtis Reads “The Christmas Miracle” 2020-12-15
Patricia Lockwood Reads “The Winged Thing” 2020-11-24
Salman Rushdie Reads “The Old Man in the Piazza” 2020-11-17
Rebecca Curtis Reads “Hansa and Gretyl and Piece of Shit” 2020-11-10
George Saunders Reads “Ghoul” 2020-11-03
Curtis Sittenfeld Reads “A for Alone” 2020-10-27
Roddy Doyle Reads “Life Without Children” 2020-10-13
David Rabe Reads “Suffocation Theory” 2020-10-06
Joseph O’Neill Reads “Rainbows” 2020-09-29
Douglas Stuart Reads “The Englishman” 2020-09-08
Susan Choi Reads “Flashlight” 2020-09-01
David Wright Faladé Reads “The Sand Banks, 1861” 2020-08-25
David Gilbert Reads “Cicadia” 2020-08-18
Madhuri Vijay Reads “You Are My Dear Friend” 2020-08-11
Bryan Washington Reads “Heirlooms” 2020-07-28

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