<p>New Yorker fiction writers read their stories.</p>


Title Date published
Camille Bordas Reads “One Sun Only” 2022-02-28
Claire Keegan Reads “So Late in the Day” 2022-02-21
Kate Folk Reads “Out There” 2022-02-14
Lauren Groff Reads “Annunciation” 2022-02-07
Alexander MacLeod Reads “Once Removed” 2022-01-31
Ayşegül Savaş Reads “Long Distance” 2022-01-24
Jennifer Egan Reads “What the Forest Remembers” 2021-12-27
Adam Levin Reads “A Lot of Things Have Happened” 2021-12-20
Madeleine Thien Reads “Lu, Reshaping” 2021-12-13
Colin Barrett Reads “A Shooting in Rathreedane” 2021-12-06
Kate Walbert Reads “Marriage/Quarantine” 2021-11-29
Greg Jackson Reads “The Hollow” 2021-11-22
Gish Jen Reads “Detective Dog” 2021-11-15
Yiyun Li Reads “Hello, Goodbye” 2021-11-08
Jamil Jan Kochai Reads “The Haunting of Hajji Hotak” 2021-11-01
David Means Reads “The Depletion Prompts” 2021-10-26
Thomas McGuane Reads “Not Here You Don’t” 2021-10-12
Karen Russell Reads “The Ghost Birds” 2021-10-05
Esther Freud Reads “Desire” 2021-09-21
Han Ong Reads “The Monkey Who Speaks” 2021-09-07

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