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Title Date published
Alejandro Zambra Reads “Skyscrapers” 2022-08-15
Sana Krasikov Reads “The Muddle” 2022-08-08
Clare Sestanovich Reads “You Tell Me” 2022-07-25
Han Ong Reads “Elmhurst” 2022-07-18
Bryan Washington Reads “Arrivals” 2022-07-11
Rachel Kushner Reads “A King Alone” 2022-07-04
Lauren Groff Reads “To Sunland” 2022-06-27
Etgar Keret Reads “Mitzvah” 2022-06-20
André Alexis Reads “Houyhnhnm” 2022-06-13
Souvankham Thammavongsa Reads “Trash” 2022-06-06
Joshua Ferris Reads “The Boy Upstairs” 2022-05-30
Claire-Louise Bennett Reads “Invisible Bird” 2022-05-23
Jamil Jan Kochai Reads “Occupational Hazards” 2022-05-16
Mohsin Hamid Reads “The Face in the Mirror” 2022-05-09
Saïd Sayrafiezadeh Reads “Nondisclosure Agreement” 2022-05-02
Elif Batuman Reads “The Repugnant Conclusion” 2022-04-18
Sheila Heti Reads “Just a Little Fever” 2022-04-11
Kevin Barry Reads “The Pub with No Beer” 2022-04-04
Tessa Hadley Reads “After the Funeral” 2022-03-21
Zach Williams Reads “Wood Sorrel House” 2022-03-14

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