<p>New Yorker fiction writers read their stories.</p>


Title Date published
Rivka Galchen Reads “How I Became a Vet” 2023-03-06
Allegra Goodman Reads “The Last Grownup” 2023-02-20
Clare Sestanovich Reads “Different People” 2023-01-23
Yiyun Li Reads “Wednesday’s Child” 2023-01-16
Han Ong Reads “Hammer Attack” 2023-01-06
Ayşegül Savaş Reads “Notions of the Sacred” 2022-12-26
Matthew Klam Reads “The Other Party” 2022-12-12
Danielle Dutton Reads “My Wonderful Description of Flowers” 2022-11-28
Louise Erdrich Reads “The Hollow Children” 2022-11-21
T. Coraghessan Boyle Reads “Princess” 2022-10-31
Jonathan Lethem Reads “Narrowing Valley” 2022-10-24
Marisa Silver Reads “Tiny Meaningless Things” 2022-10-17
David Gilbert Reads “Come Softly to Me” 2022-10-10
Thomas McGuane Reads “Take Half, Leave Half” 2022-10-03
Nicole Krauss Reads “Shelter” 2022-09-26
Caleb Crain Reads “Easter” 2022-09-19
Ben Okri Reads “The Secret Source” 2022-09-12
Joan Silber Reads “Evolution” 2022-09-05
Ben Lerner Reads “Café Loup” 2022-08-29
David Sedaris Reads “Roy Spivey,” by Miranda July 2022-08-22

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