<p>New Yorker fiction writers read their stories.</p>


Title Date published
Junot Díaz Reads “The Ghosts of Gloria Lara” 2023-10-30
Han Ong Reads “I Am Pizza Rat” 2023-10-16
Mary Costello Reads “The Choc-Ice Woman” 2023-10-09
Lore Segal Reads “On the Agenda” 2023-09-11
Lara Vapnyar Reads “Siberian Wood” 2023-09-04
Tessa Hadley on Her Years of Learning to Write 2023-08-28
T. Coraghessan Boyle Reads “The End Is Only a Beginning” 2023-08-14
Karan Mahajan Reads “The True Margaret” 2023-08-07
Jamie Quatro Reads “Yogurt Days” 2023-07-31
Tessa Hadley Reads “The Maths Tutor” 2023-07-17
Camille Bordas Reads “Colorín Colorado” 2023-07-03
Paul Yoon Reads “Valley of the Moon” 2023-06-26
Weike Wang Reads “Status in Flux” 2023-06-19
Saïd Sayrafiezadeh Reads “Civil Disturbance” 2023-06-12
George Saunders Reads “Thursday” 2023-06-05
Nicole Krauss Reads “Long Island” 2023-05-15
Rebecca Makkai Reads “The Plaza” 2023-05-01
Rachel Cusk Reads “The Stuntman” 2023-04-17
Ben Lerner Reads “The Ferry” 2023-04-03
Sterling HolyWhiteMountain Reads “False Star” 2023-03-13

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