Four former aides to President Obama — Jon Favreau, Dan Pfeiffer, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor — are joined by journalists, politicians, comedians, and activists for a freewheeling conversation about politics, the press and the challenges posed by the Trump presidency.


Title Date published
“Vote Save The Greek.” (LIVE from LA!) 2019-08-19
“AOC calls BS.” 2019-08-15
“Impeachment: we’re in it.” 2019-08-12
“America’s grief vs. Trump’s grievances.” 2019-08-08
“8chan in the White House.” 2019-08-05
“Go to Pod Save America 3-0-3-3-0.” (Debate recap special!) 2019-08-01
“Charm city offensive.” 2019-08-01
2020: Bernie Sanders on democratic socialism and Cardi B 2019-07-26
“Mueller: The Season Finale.” 2019-07-25
“The Jackson Pollock of racism.” 2019-07-22
“Jerry Nadler’s Revenge!” (LIVE from Salt Lake City) 2019-07-19
“Get Mitch Or Die Trying.” (LIVE from Denver) 2019-07-18
“Racist Hall of Fame.” 2019-07-16
"Megan Rapinoe!!!" (BONUS episode) 2019-07-12
“A prison of political caution.” 2019-07-11
“Dems in disarray!” 2019-07-08
“The empty National Mall in Trump’s heart.” (July 4th Mailbag) 2019-07-04
2020: Michael Bennet on fixing Washington and defeating Mitch McConnell 2019-07-02
“A largely accurate affair.” 2019-07-01
“Girlfriend, you are so on.” (Debate recap special!) 2019-06-28

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