<p>Whatever your business conundrum, there’s a TED Talk for that—whether you want to learn how to land that promotion, set smart goals, undo injustice at work, or unlock the next big innovation. Every Monday, host Modupe Akinola of Columbia Business School presents the most powerful and surprising ideas that illuminate the business world. After the talk, you'll get a mini-lesson from Modupe on how to apply the ideas in your own life. Because business evolves every day, and our ideas about it should, too.</p>


Title Date published
Juliet Schor wants a four-day work week 2022-08-19
The funding gap in start-up investing | Temie Giwa-Tubosun 2022-08-15
The power of purpose in business | Ashley M. Grice 2022-08-08
What if you could help decide how the government spends public funds? | Shari Davis 2022-08-01
How to make yourself more human in an automated world | Kevin Roose 2022-07-25
The link between menopause and gender inequity at work | Andrea Berchowitz 2022-07-18
The rigged test of leadership | Sophie Williams 2022-07-11
Why are drug prices so high? Investigating the outdated US patent system | Priti Krishtel 2022-07-04
3 steps to getting what you want in a negotiation | Ruchi Sinha 2022-06-27
"A seat at the table" isn't the solution for gender equity | Lilly Singh 2022-06-20
How to escape the cynicism trap | Jamil Zaki 2022-06-13
Do you really need 8 hours of sleep? 2022-06-06
The emotions behind your money habits | Robert A. Belle 2022-05-30
How great leaders innovate -- responsibly | Ken Chenault 2022-05-23
The Not-So-Great Resignation | WorkLife with Adam Grant 2022-05-16
My secret to creating real magic | Christina Tosi 2022-05-09
You deserve the right to repair your stuff | Gay Gordon-Byrne 2022-05-02
Why being respectful to your coworkers is good for business | Christine Porath 2022-04-25
What makes a job "good"—and the case for investing in people | Warren Valdmanis 2022-04-18
Listen now: WorkLife season 5 2022-04-11

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