Light coverage, medium coverage, full coverage? Nope, we’re here to bring you Fool Coverage. There’s nothing like us on the market. 100% unique and 1000% glamorous. OG social media influencers, beauty gurus, and absolute besties, Manny MUA and Laura Lee are bringing you advice about beauty and fashion, stories about running our successful businesses, and the inside info about living in the spotlight as social media stars. And tea, the hottest tea. All the juiciest gossip, about all the fools in the world. We’ve got those fools covered. We’ve been cancelled, we’ve been called fools ourselves. But nothing is going to stop us from living our best lives. Especially when we can overcome and outshine the haters out there. Be it Manny’s Lunar Beauty make up line, or Laura’s Laura Lee Cosmetics and her Nudie Patootie clothing line, nothing can stop these two from making as big of a splash as possible. Tune in every week for new episodes of Fool Coverage. We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can:  For advertising opportunities please email    Privacy Policy:


Title Date published
Monet McMichael spills the real tea on the Tarte Dubai trip... 2023-03-17
MakeupShayla exposes the worst brand trip EVER 2023-03-10
Selena Gomez vs Hailey Bieber & Kylie Jenner... coincidences you can't deny 2023-03-03
The UGLY side of social media ft. Louie Castro and AdamRayOkay 2023-02-24
Confronting Tana Mongeau About Our Past Drama… 2023-02-17
Reacting to our HATE comments...y'all really HURT us... 2023-02-10
Mikayla Nogueiras Mascara Gate... our thoughts 2023-02-03
Who is Alix tik tok "IT" girl? 2023-01-27
Morphe Owes Influencers Millions…It’s Really Bad 2023-01-20
Our Unpopular Opinions… Y’all Are About to Hate Us 2023-01-13
Morphe is's bad 2023-01-06
Reacting To Our Followers Dirtiest Secrets…Y’all Are Sick! 2022-12-30
Asking each other the HARDEST questions we’ve been avoiding… 2022-12-23
Brittany Broksi's fans turn on her?! this is wild 2022-12-16
Exposing what really happened on the Surreal Life for C.J. Perry 2022-12-09
Balenciaga is OVER… and this is why 2022-12-02
Confessing how we REALLY feel about each other… yikes 2022-11-18
Our Honest thoughts on the Nikita situation 2022-11-11
Who knows Laura best… best friend vs husband 2022-11-04
Our past Halloween Drama… tell all 2022-10-28

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