Introducing the Simply Youth Ministry Show with Kurt Johnston and Jason Carson, plus voices from youth workers like you.<br /> This is the VIDEO subscription - there's an audio one too. If you want just audio its there, too. So shoot us an email at with your feedback, comments, questions and attempts at humor. Your comments are a regular and consistent part of the program.


Title Date published
SYM Show: It's Too Hot....Somebody Turn On The A.C.! 2013-04-04
SYM Show: Hug It Out! 2013-03-28
SYM Show: Headbangers, Worship Divas and Theology! 2013-03-21
SYM Show: The E's Have It! 2013-03-15
SYM Show: The Aftermath 2013-03-06
SYM Show: Why Are You Watching This When There's A Sweet Conference Going On? 2013-03-01
SYM Show: Marriage, Ministry & Sexy Time! 2013-02-21
SYM Show: You're Outta Here! 2013-02-15
SYM Show: Mailapalooza! 2013-02-08
SYM Show: Oh, Strander! 2013-02-01
SYM Show: Happy Birthday Kurt! 2013-01-24
SYM Show: I Need A Job! 2013-01-17
SYM Show: You First, AC 2013-01-17
SYM Show: Party Like it's 2013 2013-01-17
SYM Show: Child, Please! 2013-01-17
SYM Show: The Mayans Were Wrong! 2012-12-21
SYM Show: Where'd You Get Those Sweet Sunglasses? 2012-12-21
SYM Show: Leadership Starts with 'F' 2012-11-30
SYM Show: We Need Unity, You Dummy! 2012-11-22
SYM Show: What The Skype? 2012-11-16

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