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Title Date published
War With Iran, Abortion Ban, and Daenerys Targaryen: Three Bad Things - Ep 57 2019-05-16
John Kelly the Detainment Camp Entrepreneur, a Little News, and Listener Q's - Ep 56 2019-05-09
The Poway Shooting, Joe Biden, and Even More News To Give You Emotional Whiplash - Ep 55 2019-05-02
Mostly Mueller Stuff This Week tbh - Ep 54 2019-04-25
Endangering the Future of the Free Press to Own Assange - Ep 53 2019-04-18
The Purge: Homeland Security - Ep52 2019-04-11
It’s No Longer OK For VPs To Sniff Random Women’s Hair? - Ep 51 2019-04-04
The Good President's Very Good Week - Ep 50 2019-03-28
Rich Kids Are Ruining America And So Is Tucker Carlson? - Ep 49 2019-03-14
How the Media and Democrats Are Blowing The Ilhan Omar “Scandal.” - Ep 48 2019-03-07
Was Cohen's Testimony Trump's Vietnam? - Ep 47 2019-03-01
The Real National Emergency is Clearly Bernie Sanders - Ep 46 2019-02-21
Ilhan Goes All In, The Wall Gets Fenced Out - Ep 45 2019-02-14
State of the Unity, or Something's Rotten in the State of the Commonwealth of Virginia - Ep 44 2019-02-07
Surely A Billionaire Can Save America and America Can Save Venezuela - Ep 43 2019-01-30
MAGA Kid Defuses Racist Situation In A Racist Hat, SCOTUS Defends Trans Military Ban By Ignoring It - Ep 42 2019-01-23
The Government's Still Shut Down And A Congressman's A Nazi, But At Least We Have HAMBURGERS - Ep 41 2019-01-16
The President's Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Speech (and AOC!) - Ep 40 2019-01-10
A Tired and Happy New Year Q&A - Ep 39 2019-01-02
End Of The Year Roundup Of Last Week’s News - Ep 38 2018-12-19

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