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Title Date published
Humanitarian drone corridor in Africa 2019-12-03
Google bug bounty hunters 2019-11-26
Iran internet shutdown continues 2019-11-19
The digital gender divide 2019-11-12
Facebook Live on crime tech 2019-11-05
BBC News on the ‘dark web’ 2019-10-29
Health of the Internet report 2019-10-22
First all African smartphone factory 2019-10-15
Iraq shuts down internet 2019-10-08
Mobile data costs falling globally 2019-10-01
Investigating marine accidents – sea tech latest 2019-09-24
The latest in disability tech 2019-09-17
Brain implant regulation calls 2019-09-10
Digital Planet’s 18th birthday show 2019-09-03
Brazilian fire monitoring in real time 2019-08-27
Harnessing tech during conflict 2019-08-20
Millions of Instagram users’ activity tracked 2019-08-13
Jakarta power cut - millions without electricity 2019-08-06
Chandrayaan-2: India’s moon landing 2019-07-23
Chinese surveillance app analysed by researchers 2019-07-09

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